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Aculab Prosody CompactPCI BoardMuch of our recent engagements have been in the fast growing field of telephone communications, telephony. This expertise comes from projects across a wide expanse of the telephony discipline. We have done work with voice, data, and FAX transmission and reception. Our skills range from slow speed communications to high speed data propagation. Veeda is familiar with complete communications systems and the inner workings of the embedded software in the chips that populate communications boards. As you can see we handle the macro and the micro aspects of modern communications.

One of the issues that make telephony such a specialized field is that until recently, no standard systems for hardware and/or software had been developed. There was never an imposition of standards from above (like the government blessing of a particular computer language). As a result, manufacturers of telephony hardware defined their own ways of instructing their equipment at a very low level.

Veeda Software has experience with a great many of these devices. At the most detailed level, we have delivered board level software for equipment produced by such firms as Brooktrout (now called Cantata Technology, Inc.), Dialogic (including Eicon), and Aculab. We accomplish this by writing programs that utilize the board’s unique Application Programming Interface (API). In fact, we have helped a number of clients take code written for one company’s board and make it work using another firm’s gear.

Often we find ourselves engaging with client’s equipment at a much higher level than the board level described above. We have developed programs for telephone answering systems based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies. We have worked with Microsoft’s Speech Server in delivering final products to our industrial clients.