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Veeda Software Improves Doctor/Patient Communication and Reduces Costs

Healthcare Effectiveness and Efficiency

eClinicalWorksIn the keynote address to his company’s premier users’ conference in November 2008, CEO Girish Navani announced the beta release of eClinicalMessenger, a new automated speech solution and messaging service, to eClinical Works’ network of 25,000+ doctors. eClinicalMessenger utilizes Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) to enable physician practices to send voice messages, in batches or singularly, to patients for appointment reminders, lab results, diagnostic imaging, and statements. Conference participants enthusiastically responded to the introduction of this much-anticipated automated voice messaging mechanism that integrates seamlessly with their current eClinicalWorks EMR system.

During two separate break-out sessions regarding eClinicalMessenger, eClinicalWorks' Product Development Manager Robert Lynes, and Hendrick Melo, Veeda Software's Founder and President, provided details about the many benefits eClinicalMessenger offers. Both men stressed the importance and implications of the product's ability to reach a large number of patients in a very short time. Attendees realized that, contrary to what at first may have appeared to be a de-personalizing factor, the automated capability reduced administrative burdens; allowed health care professionals more time to concentrate on the patient health care needs; and to provide extra attention to those who need more focused personal attention.

Veeda Software's Contribution to the Solution

eClinicalWorks had recognized an un-tapped business opportunity in the automation of phone notifications from their EMR/PM software and set out to build what would become eClinicalMessenger. After considering open-source tools and other vendors, eClinicalWorks selected Aculab Prosody X as its platform for eClinicalMessenger.

Because of Veeda Software's proven ability to deliver on its promises, and because of Veeda's extensive experience with Aculab's voice over IP technology, eClinicalWorks selected Veeda Software to ensure successful software design, implementation, and the continued success of eClinicalMessenger. Veeda Software tools are high-level Microsoft .NET wrappers that abstract the hardware and device driver specifics. These tools allow software developers to concentrate on the application details, such as the different business rules that drive the system, instead of forcing them to contend with the underlying hardware. Further, Veeda software development tools allowed eClinicalWorks engineers to concentrate their efforts on other layers of the software development such as the user interface development and higher level business logic, which were most familiar to them.

Positive Results

Veeda enabled eClinicalWorks to provide its service for as little as $0.10/call vs. the $0.25/call that industry leaders typically charge - a 60 percent savings. The full integration of the eClinicalWorks EMR/PM solution reduced the level of tech support requested by doctors who used older technology and generated value through cost savings and increased productivity for both eClinicalWorks and its customers. By conservative estimates, the solution generated $3,100/year savings for each provider.

Ensuring Continued Success

eClinicalMessenger's introduction and eager acceptance by clients and developers established a high standard. As system users utilize the solution, push its bounds, and demand more functionality, eClinicalWorks creates improvements and expands system capabilities. To help them meet these goals, eClinicalWorks continues to work with Veeda Software as its development partner for high quality, timely, competitive, and profit-generating solutions for its critical application components.


eClinicalWorks is a Westborough, Massachusetts-based market leader in ambulatory clinical systems. The award winning eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application enables private physicians groups, enterprise health systems, community health centers (CHCs), and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) to manage patient flow, immediately access patient records in-house or remotely, electronically communicate with the referring physicians, and securely send consult notes and clinical data.

Combined with the eClinicalWorks practice management solution, Unified EMR/PM, eClinicalWorks technology allows easy review and completion of patient histories, past visits, current medications, allergies, labs and diagnostic tests. Its registry reporting and clinical decision support features make this a next-generation EMR - elevating the role of the system from passively collecting information to actively helping health care professionals provide accurate, timely, effective, and cost efficient medical services.

Veeda Software

Veeda Software has provided critical-path development services to eClinicalWorks since May 2007. For its initial engagement with Veeda Software, eClinicalWorks asked Veeda to create a custom software solution to control the Cantata (now Dialogic) Brooktrout TR1034 fax hardware to provide services of automated fax broadcasting and automated fax receiving.

Given the success of their initial engagement with Veeda Software, and in addition to the eClinicalMessenger work, eClinicalWorks also requested continued help from Veeda Software in developing fax transmission and reception based on the Aculab Prosody X hardware environment.


The Client

ComLinQComLinQ is a Texas-based company that provides prepaid phone card services. For eight years, ComLinQ's in-house resources built, modified, and maintained a software system (Syslinq) that supported Natural MicroSystems' ISDN telephony hardware.

ComLinQ's Syslinq application was written entirely in C and was designed for use on Microsoft® Windows®-based systems. Its main source code file included most of the code necessary to run a few variations of phone-card applications. The primary application was a phone-card system that allowed callers to identify themselves through a PIN number and to choose an outbound number to dial. Other applications included "Forwarding" and "Quicklinq".

ComLinQ's Challenge

Like many other telephony companies that faced increased competition and a need for efficient services, ComLinQ decided to upgrade from an ISDN-based solution to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform. This was a critical business imperative that would allow ComLinQ to migrate from outdated POTS technology in order to survive the fierce competition for low-cost long distance communications service.

ComLinQ defined an upgrade that supported the Aculab Prosody X IP media processing boards - products that provide essential functionality and that can be used to build a wide range of next generation telco and enterprise applications, and service delivery platforms.

Internal or External Solution?

ComLinQ's plan was to have internal developers re-write their application to make use of the new Aculab cards. However, ComLinQ faced a major challenge when its lead developer left the company because of personal reasons. ComLinQ was faced with a large hardware investment and no way to implement their solution.

To help them revise their telephony solution, ComLinQ realized that it had to engage a third-party development team to modify their existing application - and turned to Aculab for references. Aculab suggested Veeda Software, LLC and an Australian developer as possible candidates.

Project Scope and Proposed Solutions

ComLinQ's full business solution included functions of business logic in programs outside of Syslinq. These subsystems (called from or embedded in Syslinq such that any packaged software option would have to be extensively modified) had their own sets of existing rules which had to be maintained.

Veeda Software identified these major systemic challenges as key problems and proposed a value-based custom solution that would address current business logic, particularly regarding how tightly the telephony hardware "calls" were coupled with the billing system. The other developer proposed a lower cost alternative that would have them identify, adapt, and implement an off-the-shelf software package to solve the problem. However, their solution would inevitably require a redesign of the entire billing and other business logic systems. Nonetheless, ComLinQ chose to move ahead with the second developer's low-cost proposal that they felt could be implemented rapidly.

Programming Problems and Jeopardized Business

Six months after ComLinQ project start, the developer still had not delivered any usable code. ComLinQ then realized that it was not possible to use an existing prepaid card application to replace Syslinq; that the developer's solution was not practical; and that the developer was incapable of delivering the solution it proposed.

Windows of business opportunities were closing fast. ComLinQ knew it needed an immediate and comprehensive resolution to their problem. Hendrick Melo, Veeda Software's Founder and President, had remained in touch with ComLinQ principals after he presented his company's proposal - despite having not been chosen as the original solution developer. When ComLinQ's president, Travis Hamer, realized the original vendor could not deliver a modified off-the-shelf solution, he acknowledged Melo's persistence and the efficacy of his solution and then engaged Veeda as a stateside software development partner to replace the original vendor.

Veeda Resolves the Problems

Instead of packaged software, Veeda Software offered a custom application built on a portfolio of tools and techniques that facilitate customized telephony software solutions. Veeda offered a vast library of existing source code, documentation, and business knowledge to create a solution that fit ComLinQ's very specific needs. Veeda proposed a replacement application to Syslinq, one that would operate with the Aculab Prosody X family of cards. To allow rapid development and implementation, the new application would not immediately support all existing Syslinq functions. However, its modular design guaranteed maintainability and ease of functional expandability in the future.

Veeda considered ComLinQ's critical application needs and designed suitable components to address them. Unlike Syslinq, Veeda's solution separated the business logic portion from the hardware access portion to enable simpler maintenance of the business logic source code. More specifically, the separation of the business logic into the Microsoft .NET framework facilitates maintenance of the application as it provides a simpler means for programmers to modify call rules and other business logic. It allows programmers to use any .NET languages (Visual Basic, C#, J#, etc.) to maintain and/or expand the code. The new application employs extensive use of object-oriented programming practices to provide easier expandability for subsequent updates.

To optimize the solution for the Aculab Prosody X platform, the core of the solution comprises a Windows Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) to drive the card to perform the basic telephony functions required by this application. Further characteristics include C++ programming that allows the user to address the Aculab API directly and to increase efficiency in the low-level code, and .NET-ready code that allows users of .NET-based languages to easily create and/or modify telephony applications.

Positive Results

By leveraging existing code, tools, and techniques, Veeda Software maintained its initial proposal budget, eliminated rush charges, and was able to compress man-years of work into a few calendar months to provide a much-needed technology solution for ComLinQ's business challenge. Veeda ensured successful implementation of ComLinQ's core calling system operational functionality including basic Syslinq functions (pre- and post-paid calling cards), 800-forwarding, and international local access.

A Continuing Relationship

Based on Veeda Software's accurate analysis of the problem and its successful and timely implementation of an efficient solution, ComLinQ issued two subsequent contracts to Veeda to add enhanced system features and functions. As part of this continuing engagement, Veeda has already delivered a new conference calling platform and expects to roll out more functionality regularly.

Reflecting on the situation, ComLinQ's Hamer states, "Veeda Software delivered spot-on results for us - on time, on budget, as promised. I regret not having chosen them in the first place. Ultimately, their commitment, expertise, and can-do attitude saved us from a looming business disaster. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Veeda."

Veeda Software, LLC continues to be a significant resource and contributor to ComLinQ's success as a key telephony service provider.

LumenVox joins the growing list of internationally recognized firms with whom we have forged a formal relationship. LumenVox They recognize that a successful speech recognition solution involves the technology and expertise of companies whose products and services work in symbiotic harmony with their product. LumenVox partners, like Veeda, design and deploy speech applications and also have complementary technology, such as text-to-speech.

As viewers of this website know, Veeda Software has a powerful commitment to growth. We have chosen to implement this growth by developing strong relationships with firms whose product or service complements our own. Because our focus is on custom software development that leverages our inventory of tools and techniques, we are in a unique position of helping our partners while obtaining our own goals.

LumenVox provides accurate and affordable speech recognition software together with a committed focus on excellent customer service. Its innovative speech technology empowers channel integrators, developers, and solution providers to design and deploy dynamic speech solutions. LumenVox has gained industry recognition by winning over 25 awards for innovation, technical excellence, and user's choice for its Speech Engine and Speech Tuner.

In Veeda engagements that call for speech recognition we are proud to suggest to our client that we embed the LumenVox speech recognition programs in the delivered solution. In this way we do not have to do additional work. This leads to a savings in time and money for our industrial customers.

Veeda Software taps Patricia D. Schuldenfrei, RN, EdD as a resource in medical information systems. Readers of the Visioneer and this website might recognize Pat’s last name. She is indeed the wife of Sr. Business Advisor Robert Schuldenfrei. As our firm produces more and more medically related software having someone with credentials in healthcare is a real plus. She has published and spoken on a national level on nursing, hospital management, and education.

Pat is currently doing quality assurance work for a 400 bed regional hospital. She has a number of additional licenses and certifications, so she is in a position to know and advise clients in medical systems. She is a Certified Professional in Health Quality (Healthcare Quality Certification Board of the National Association for Healthcare Quality). Pat is also a Florida Licensed Heath Care Risk Manager.

Prior to that Dr. Schuldenfrei was Dean of Nursing at Roxbury Community College in Boston. At Roxbury, an inner-city institution, she led successful re-accreditation effort of a nursing program under challenging conditions.

After that she was the nursing liaison to the development of the Meditech, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. During the installation phase of the system she developed and implemented the CPOE education for physicians and nurses on staff.

Veeda Software is now a Dialogic Application Partner Innovator.
DialogicThe partnership with Dialogic goes back over ten years, thus predating the formation of Veeda Software, LLC. It all began with one of their divisions, Brooktrout, when it was an independent company and our coworkers were working for other firms. Early in our relationship we were asked to develop a “plug ‘n play” capability for their Fax boards to be used when installing those boards in a Windows Server computer. The engagement went so well that Dialogic used this capability under contract with Microsoft to supply the embedded Fax software in the next release of Windows Server in 2000. From that point on Dialogic and their predecessor firms Brooktrout and Cantata hired us to do work for them and their customers. Veeda in turn recommended Dialogic products to our clients. For a look at one such project follow this link ( to the BLI page.

Since the acquisition of a number of smaller firms, Dialogic has grown and we have grown with them by using their telephony gear to the benefit of Veeda customers.  We are an official Dialogic partner.  They are a major firm in the telecommunications hardware industry.  Their range of products scale from rather modest Fax boards to equipment used by the largest telcos in the world.  They are company with global experience and presence.  Dialogic has shipped more than 45 million ports worldwide.

Of importance to our customers, Dialogic shares this impressive technology and customer base with a small select group of partners of which Veeda software is justly proud to be one.  While the official partner list is large, there are very few Dialogic partners that are 100% dedicated to developing custom telephony programs as we do here at Veeda Software.  And this is not just a one way street.  We have been bringing prospects to Dialogic for the entire lifetime of our company.

Dialogic’s corporate profile

As a company committed to growth, Dialogic has become a leading provider of world-class technologies based on open standards such as host media processing and other multimedia products that enable its customers and partners to deliver innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for Network Service Providers and Enterprise Communication Networks. For Network Service Providers, Dialogic delivers a suite of open telecom hardware and software components (both IP and TDM) that include field-proven media and signaling gateways, high-density multimedia processing solutions, IP media servers/MRFs, and signaling protocol software at multiple levels of integration. For Enterprise Communication Networks, Dialogic supplies innovative IP, transitional hybrid, and flexible TDM products that enable the integration of new IP communications technologies into existing voice applications and document management systems that include fax. Decades of experience and continued investment uniquely qualify Dialogic to create leading-edge products, and its partners rely on these flexible components to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world. Visit Dialogic here.

Veeda at ACE 2008. Veeda’s presentation at the Aculab Communications Exchange was a success. Hendrick Melo presented a topic on T.38 - The Future of Fax in the VoIP Age last April 1st. His presentation addressed the technological issues, the implementation issues, and the business case for Fax over IP with T.38. If you would like to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, please email us at

Hendrick Melo to present at ACE 2008. Veeda Software was invited to participate at the Aculab Communications Exchange (ACE) 2008, Aculab’s 7th annual global partner conference, in Scottsdale, AZ. Drawing on his long experience with the Fax industry, Hendrick will be presenting a session called: "T.38 - the future of Fax in the VoIP age." The topic will address the technical case for T.38 vs. the alternatives, as well as a number of business opportunities for Fax over the Internet. We hope to see you there. To learn more about ACE, click here.

Veeda Software is now "Connected with Aculab."
Connected with AculabThroughout the last 18 months, the Veeda team has been engaged in projects that required the use of a high-end communications board. Our customers decided on the Prosody X card from Aculab. Since our first meetings with the Aculab team, we at Veeda realized we were dealing with a true market leader. Aculab found in Veeda Software a company that had the right experience, the tools, and the techniques to be able to develop solutions on their platform from day one. It was only natural that we join their partner program to solidify what had already been a fruitful relationship for both companies.

With this partnership, we have now taken another significant step in solidifying our commitment to providing the best custom telephony solutions by partnering with a world leader in enabling technologies for the communications industry.

Aculab’s corporate profile

Aculab enables developers and systems integrators to produce a variety of high performance communications solutions. Aculab’s portfolio offers an exceptional mix of capabilities that are easy to integrate and bring real value - reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. A complete range of open standards building block technologies for use within telco or enterprise environments, as well as essential support services, are offered. Products include media resources, digital network access, VoIP, fax, speech processing and conferencing. Support is available to help developers through each stage of their product’s life cycle including pre-sales consultancy, technical support, training and marketing. Visit Aculab here.

Fall '07 edition of The VisioneerThe fall edition of the Visioneer is out. Keep informed about what's happening at Veeda, how we are growing and who's helping us achieve our success so far. In this issue we talk about about our progress and what our vision is for ordered growth. We also present one of the companies that has fueled our growth. Finally, we want you to know about the latest additions to our software programming staff.

For anyone reading this news clip and did not get a copy of the Visioneer please send an e-mail message to: and we will put you on our mailing list.

Veeda Software, LLC is now hiring junior level developers. We have a major contract under way and a number of smaller projects in development. Our prospects for the fall and winter look promising so now is the time to increase the size of our professional staff. The board has approved of the hiring of full time and part time programmers with solid technical skills.

Our firm is dedicated to the principle of ordered growth. We will neither hire before we have the cash flow to support staff, nor will we wait too long such that the new team members cannot make a contribution to work already in house. People who join Veeda today will be coming aboard during the formative years and can expect to benefit from being with our company from its earliest days.

Veeda Software is now Veeda Software, LLC. Hendrick Melo, President, announced today that we have reorganized our firm and we now are a Limited Liability Company. Consistent with our plan for organized growth the directors felt that the time was right to add this modicum of formality. You will shortly see our new name on letterhead, business cards, and here on our website. Mr. Melo added that although we may be a bit more formal now, all of our clients, vendors, and friends can still pick up the phone and ask for Hendrick.

Summer '07 edition of The VisioneerE-Newsletter launched. Veeda Software distributed the first edition of the Visioneer, our new e-newsletter. This quarterly publication is designed to complement our website and be yet another vehicle of communications from the firm to our public. While this website will always be the first place where news from Veeda Software will appear, the e-newsletter will echo what has happened over time. Since our customers, suppliers, and friends do not read the website every day, the e-newsletter will be a quarterly update about events that have recently taken place. For anyone reading this news clip and did not get a copy of the Visioneer please send an e-mail message to: and we will put you on our mailing list.

Veeda Software begins an advertising campaign. Mr. Schuldenfrei, acting in his marketing role, explained that the firm had grown to the point where we could become proactive in generating new business for Veeda Software. We are using Google to sponsor telephony links. This will insure that when the public is looking for telephony services Google will make it easy to find our web site. This move is but one small step in our plan to become a major firm in the software industry.

Veeda Software Office at 77 Oak St, Suite 201A, Newton, MA 02464Veeda Software opens office. Hendrick Melo announced today that our firm passed a significant milestone by taking office space. These are very exciting times at Veeda Software. We were very cramped in our old location and could not even invite clients into our old place of business. Therefore, we made a bold commitment and took space at 77 Oak St, Suite 201A B1, Newton, MA 02464. See our location in Google Maps. This location includes parking for our visitors and is easily accessible to routes 128 and 95.

The new offices arrive simultaneously with our experiencing an ever increasing demand for our services. This uptick in business is from both new and existing clients. We now have a better, larger, and more flexible space in which to work and hold conferences with our customers. This allows our managers, engineers, and clients greater collaboration while working on our various projects. Even more importantly, there is room in the building for additional space as we grow.

New web site is launched. As a major component of its marketing plan, Veeda Software has established a position on the World Wide Web. The site is located at: At launch time the site is not yet completed. However, we never expect web sites to ever be completed. The purpose of our site is to be a changing panorama that reflects what is new at Veeda today. The site is, however, ready to introduce us to the world-wide community and explain what we can contribute. This web site is but one aspect of our marketing plan. Watch the News topic for further developments as we announce them.

Veeda Software taps Robert Schuldenfrei to provide guidance. Hendrick Melo, President of Veeda Software, announced today that Robert Schuldenfrei will aid the firm in three functional areas. He will be augmenting management in new business development, creating managerial control systems, and planning the firm’s transition from specialty software to a full line enterprise wide software company. Bob has known the people in the firm for many years. Mr. Melo believes that his 35 years of business experience will be of great value to Veeda in its current high growth position. For more information about Mr. Schuldenfrei please see the “Our People” sub topic in the “About Us” topic