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Bodkin Design & Engineering

Client's needs

Omni Spotter Vis/IR CameraBodkin Design & Engineering, LLC is an excellent example of a small engineering firm. They are very good at inventing and perfecting physical devices. Often these designs have microprocessors embedded in their mechanical configurations. Here is often where Bodkin needs help and recently they have called upon Veeda Software to provide the programming that makes their devices work. An excellent example is their OmniSpotter™ infrared and visible light camera. This machine is designed for military or civilian surveillance operations with continuous zoom. A typical use of this camera would be for identifying and tracking moving targets. When the operator detects a target, he moves from wide angle to close up by zooming in on the subject. Keeping the image in focus while zooming in is the job of an embedded microprocessor. The firm engaged Veeda to write the software that performed this key operation.

Veeda's solution

The program starts with a baseline position of an in focus image. When the operator senses a subject in the field of view he starts to move the camera to lock on to the target and begins to zoom in. During zoom operations the software begins a series of servo motor actions. As the camera takes a step of zoom with one lens, the program adjust the servo on the focus lens to compensate for getting in closer. The process of zoom and re-focus continues until the image has reached the desired degree of close up. The process then halts with its new state of zoom in sharp focus.

This project exercised a number of Veeda’s skills. First, it provided an outsourced programming “division” to a firm that did not have software capability in-house. Second, it showcased our competence in embedded systems programming. Finally, it once again demonstrated Veeda’s ability to bring home a project on time, on budget, and without a lot of administrative overhead.

Andy Bodkin, President of Bodkin Design & Engineering commented on Veeda Software. He said: “It is ‘efficient’ for us to turn to them as it means we do not have to staff a software department.” Bodkin is thus free from having to hire software engineers and can concentrate on physical design and engineering.