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Veeda Software, although a young firm, has had a fairly wide set of experiences during its lifetime. Some of these extend further back to a time when the principals of the company were working for other organizations. This area of our website tends to be non-technical. For a more intensely technical description of our work visit the Technologies topic of the site.

What is developed in this topic is our experience as told through a series of descriptions of recent engagements. This section of the site is currently under construction, and in a very real sense will always be under construction. As new experience reports are prepared, they will appear in this area.

Each report follows a common presentation. First, the reader will be introduced to the client company through a description of their need. This will be a brief synopsis of the problem or issue that caused that firm to retain Veeda Software. Second, you will find a statement of our approach to that issue called "Veeda's solution". This will be a non-technical description of what we did. Finally, there will be a presentation of the tangible benefits to the client and how Veeda delivered on its promises.